How The "Metrogun" Works

What Is The Secret To The Metro Gun System?

Metro Gun System

This heavily ported, 32-inch, screw-in barrelextension acts like a gas-burner, to reduce noise and recoil from shotguns while improving patterning. When coupled with sub-sonic ammunition (available in lead shot, tungsten/iron shot and slugs), the system reduces a shotgun's blast and is a popular choice for sportsmen pursuing quarry in suburban areas.

Improved Patterning

Not only does this innovative 32", fully ported, screw-in barrel extension reduce the report of your shotgun by as much as 50% (more when using subsonic loads), it also substantially improves patterning. In fact, tests revealed consistent 85% patterns at 40 yards before the barrel was even fitted to accept choke tubes. At 1.1 pounds, it doesn't add excess forward weight. And the barrel extension disappears completely behind the bead, free from your line of sight. Finished to perfectly match Hastings CTII barrels and accept all CTII chokes.

Shooting the Metro Gun System as designed by L.P. Brezny and built by Hastings takes the noise and recoil out of shooting a 12 gauge shotgun.

Metro Gun is not affiliated with any other barrel of a like design. There are a number of copies that are not manufactured to the standards of the Metro Gun System. Accept no substitutes!

Metro Gun System™